The aim of Barometern – den finlandssvenska medborgarpanelen is to analyze the opinions and attitudes of the Swedish speaking population in Finland on an annual basis. This citizens’ panel has previously been conducted between 2002 and 2014. Barometern was originally initiated as a mail survey, by researcher Kjell Herberts.

In 2008, The Social Science Research Institute published the report “Opinioner och trender i svenskfinland”, edited by researcher Kjell Herberts. In this report, a variety of researchers analyse results from previous surveys from 2002 – 2007.

This year, the citizens’ panel Barometern, is conducted under the leadership of researcher Marina Lindell. The aim of the panel is to measure changes in attitudes among the Swedish speaking population in Finland. The citizens’ panel will measure language selection in different situations, culture- and media consumption and attitudes, and general trends regarding values and opinions in current social issues. The research project is financed by Svenska kulturfonden.

What is a citizen’s panel, and how does it work?

A citizens´ panel, or a web panel, is a register/database of persons, who have volunteered to answer questions on the web. “Den finlandssvenska medborgarpanelen” consists of Swedish speaking Finns, who regularly answer questions regarding society and values.